32 Unexpected Things To Do With Balloons

Balloons bring instant joy and happiness to one’s life. It’s a fact.

1. Glue pom-poms on them.

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2. Attach streamers, feathers, tinsel, and any other long stringy sparkly things to them.

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3. Revamp your vases.

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4. Surprise someone you <3.

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Go for the single balloon for a subtler effect.

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5. Freeze water ballons and use them to keep drinks cold at a party.

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Your new party trick. When the water melts, just throw them back into the freezer.

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6. Make your guests do a little work if they want to find out where the party is.

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7. Make a drumset.

Thankfully, this one doesn’t make any noise.

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8. Create a balloon drop.

Basically a small-scale version of…

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9. Display photos.

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10. Hang tiny people off the ends.

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11. Splatter them with gold paint.

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12. Give someone the gift of bubblegum.

Your valentine will think you are impossibly clever. Directions here.

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13. Put confetti in your balloon.

Hint: Use a funnel.

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14. Put confetti AND money in your balloon.

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15. Put LED light bulbs in them.

Just make sure the bulbs aren’t breakable in case one of them comes crashing down due to a popped balloon.

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16. Create a table centerpiece with plants and flowers.

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17. String them into a fruity garland.

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18. Give the kids a super durable bouncy ball to play with.

Get the directions on how to make this using balloons here.

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19. Make a giant strawberry party decoration.

All you need is green construction paper and a sharpie.

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20. Instead of piñatas, hang water balloons.

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21. Fill them with non-toxic paint and have a fight.

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22. Make water balloon yo-yos.

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23. Brighten up those mason jars.

They look deceptively paint-dipped!

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24. Use them as molds for twine ball lights.

Get the DIY here.

ID: 1326935

Use different colored string for a decorative fixture.

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25. Turn your favorite little one into a walking apple tree.

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26. Use a balloon as a mold for a votive holder made from a doily.

All you need is a balloon, a doily, and sugar starch.

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27. Hang them from the rafters with macramè.

Get the directions here.

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28. Run a threaded needle through the tied end of the balloon to string them together.

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29. Wrap them in cellophane and put them on sticks to make giant lollipops for a candy-themed party.

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30. Hang them upside down from the ceiling.

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31. Freeze an LED tea light into a water balloon to create a winter “fire and ice” lantern.

Add food coloring if you want them to be colored.

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32. Make a water balloon to end all water balloons.

Game over.

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