• 1. Robledo Puch

    An Argentinian serial killer who killed his victims by stabbing, shooting, strangling, bludgeoning to death with rocks and slitting their throats. Here he is at age 20. He has cool dreamboat ’90s hair, even though this was taken in 1972.

  • 2. Richard Ramirez

    There are like, 10 hot photos of this guy. Look at that bone structure!

  • 3. David and Maureen Smith

    Michael Pitt, is that you? You may also know this attractive couple by the Sonic Youth Goo album cover.

  • 4. Charles Starkweather

    He’s got that James Dean thing going.

  • 5. Pedro Alonso López

    He killed and raped several hundreds of girls, and he’s still on the loose. He probably isn’t all hot and smoldering anymore, though. :(

  • 6. Patrick Mackay

    A serial killer who confessed to murdering eleven people in England in the mid 1970s. He was beaten as a child by his alcoholic father. Doesn’t he look classy?

  • 7. Jeffrey Dahmer

    Sigh. Swoon.

  • 8. Lam Kor-Wan

    A necrophiliac who picked up female passengers in his taxi cab and strangled them with electrical wire.

  • 9. Michael Lupo

    Michele Lupo was a homosexual serial killer originally from Italy, operating out of a YSL boutique in London during the 1980s.

  • 10. Paul John Knowles

    The “Casanova Killer” killed up to 35 women with his good looks!