The 26 Stages Of Starting A Band

“We should jam sometime.”

1. Maybe you were a bit of a loner.

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2. The only thing that mattered was MUSIC.

Not normal teenager stuff, but that one band whose t-shirt you wanted to wear every day to proclaim your undying love for them.

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3. You spent hours and hours (and hours) in your room chained to headphones.

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4. The moment you met someone who had remotely the same taste as you, you immediately wanted to be their best friend.

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5. You might have even resorted to THIS.

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6. You remember the first time you saw a band you loved in concert and realized, “I could do that!”

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7. You totally could do it, too.

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8. Then your first five songs all sounded the same ‘cause you only knew four chords.

But you didn’t care because you were MAKING MUSIC.

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9. You were kinda tired of only doing covers, anyway.

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10. You imagined yourself on stage with really cool gear, but in reality you had to start with a Strat Pack.

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11. Maybe you didn’t quite have enough friends to fill out a whole band.

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Who needs a real drummer, though, right?

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12. Even though the basement or garage you rehearsed in was like a damp sock, band practice was the highlight of your week.

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13. Coming up with a band name was REALLY hard.

Everything started to sound like a band name, but nothing sounded like a USABLE band name.

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14. You learned early that it’s just about impossible to write lyrics that don’t look incredibly stupid on the page.

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15. You wanted to get cool shows, but mostly you played talent shows/open mics.

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16. Or in living rooms.

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17. If your parents hated your band, you knew you were on the right track.

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18. This was about as close as you got to “groupies.”

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19. You got kind of ahead of yourself, making t-shirts and stickers before you had any fans.

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20. And you wore your own band’s t-shirt onstage before someone told you it was lame to do that.

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21. Choosing which gimmick to employ for your official band press photo was hard.

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Really hard.

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22. Nothing seemed more important than making a totally sweet demo.

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23. The first time someone you didn’t know personally acknowledged/liked your band, you freaked.

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24. Playing music made you feel like you finally had some kind of direction in life.

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25. And even if you might not have reached the heights of fame you dreamed about…

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26. It was probably the most fun you’ll ever have.

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