So, There’s A Pinterest For Dudes Now

It’s called You can really gather some manteresting observations regarding the male gender on a cursory persusal.

1. Instead of pins and hearts, Manterest uses “nails” and “bumps.”

ID: 1013247


ID: 1013400

3. There’s actually a section called “Manly Things.”

Full of whiskey and guns and tacos, I guess.

ID: 1013243

4. They’re into “manteresting” foods.

AKA disgusting gross stuff that no one eats.

ID: 1013162

Bacon placemats.

ID: 1013222

11. And surprisingly, they’re willing to cook for themselves.

ID: 1013316

Mostly BBQ.

ID: 1013492

13. They’re into manly DIY projects.

ID: 1013195

These are popular.

ID: 1013485

DIY Corona glasses.

ID: 1013274

I might actually pin this onto my “DIY Revolution” pinboard.

ID: 1013276

20. Semi-nude tattooed girls are their Ryan Gosling.

ID: 1013229

21. They hate cats.

Seriously. No cute cat pics to be found on this site. Only dogs.

ID: 1013280

22. This is their idea of “humor.”

ID: 1013290

28. They’re into home decor.

Here’s a kitchen island made from LEGOS.

ID: 1013341

31. Especially anything that involves a secret hiding place.

ID: 1013473

32. They support each other with motivational quotes.

ID: 1013376

33. They’re into fashion, as long as it serves a purpose.

ID: 1013470

34. There’s definitely some Pinterest overlap, like GLITTER.

ID: 1013356

35. Engagement rings.

ID: 1013451

36. Lauren Conrad.

ID: 1013358

37. Craft storage.

ID: 1013497

38. They worry about getting fat.

ID: 1013436

40. They’re romantic.

ID: 1013520

42. But honestly, it’s hard to tell if this site is actually representative of the male gender, or if there are just the same 3 dudes populating the whole thing.

ID: 1013542

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