• Be a Stereotypical “Rapper”

  • Illegal Alien Costume

    Target got in trouble for selling this clever lil’ getup!

  • Get Your Own KKK Robe

    You no longer have to make your own. Directly from KKKlan.com for 100% authenticity.

  • Any Incarnation of Hitler

    Strawberry ShortHitler and Ronald McHitler. There’s also Hipster Hitler, but unfortunately the irony cancels out the political incorrectness.

  • Wigger Costume

    As interpreted by an Asian Man.

  • Slutty 9/11

  • This Is What Japanese People Think Black People Look Like

    (via Cracked)

  • “Hey Amigo” Costume

    Available at Linens n’ Things.

  • Blackface

    Blackface is always wrong! He should have worn that Rapper mask instead.

  • The Gaylien