30 Places You’d Rather Be Sitting Right Now

Anywhere but here.

1. In this sunken alcove garden in New Zealand.

ID: 1093992

2. In this tiny boat in Colmar, France.

ID: 1093996

3. In this hanging cocoon hammock in the Philippines.

ID: 1093997

4. In an infinity pool.

ID: 1184656

5. In a carboat in Switzerland.

Fabrice Coffrini / Getty Images
ID: 1094006

6. On this tiny peninsula in Mykonos, Greece.

ID: 1185380

7. In a sea swing.

Caroline von Tuempling / Getty Images
ID: 1094010

8. In this glass-walled library in Germany.

Photo by Guillaume Favre.

ID: 1094011

9. In this hanging hammock on Dedon Island.

ID: 1094012

10. In this rooftop hot tub in Gothenburg, Sweden.

ID: 1094015

11. In this glass floor ocean cottage in the Maldives.

ID: 1094027

12. Literally IN the beach at the Lido beach resort in Sarasota, Florida.

ID: 1094178

13. In this treehouse swing in Granada, Nicaragua.

ID: 1187813

14. In this cave pool in Satorini, Greece.

ID: 1095769

15. In the hammock of a tiny hut in Santa Marta, Colombia.

ID: 1185566

16. In this floating bungalow in the Maldives.

ID: 1105228

17. On this porch in Thousand Islands, Canada.

ID: 1185593

18. In this hot tub boat in Seattle, Washington.

ID: 1094023

19. In this statue on the beach in Puerto Vallarto, Mexico.

ID: 1107164

20. Somewhere in close proximity to this pool.

ID: 1184638

21. In this sea restaurant in Bora Bora.

ID: 1107180

22. Against a llama in Machu Picchu.

ID: 1107808

23. Floating in a swimming pool movie theater.

ID: 1185234

24. In this river resort in Bali.

ID: 1185655

25. In this kayak in Glacier Bay, Alaska.

ID: 1107836

26. In a natural rok pool in Pamukke, Turkey.

ID: 1185760

27. In this dining pod in Soneva Kiri, Thailand.

ID: 1107839

28. Rowing through a cave in Kefalonia, Greece.

Dave Porter Peterborough Uk / Getty Images
ID: 1116994

29. On a pouf in a bohemian backyard.

ID: 1138180

30. In a perfectly formed nook of a large tree.

With a really good book.

ID: 1159654

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