Olympics Hipsters Vs. Music Fest Hipsters

Who wore it best? And who got more wasted in the VIP tent? posted on

Denim Shirt, Black Jeans

3. LoveBox Music Festival

These two should date and wear matching outfits everyday.

Cute Alt Couples

Guys Who Aren’t Afraid to Wear Colored Jeans

8. Pitchfork Music Festival

Printed Silk

11. Lollapalooza

Shirt That Gives Away Your Entire Musical Identity

Round Sunglasses

17. The Olympics

18. LoveBox Music Festival

Hippie Headwear

20. The Olympics

21. LoveBox Music Festival

American Flag Clothing

23. Wireless Music Festival

24. The Olympics

American Flag Accessories

27. The Olympics

Punky Blond Hair

29. The Olympics

Hmm, does this girl look like she’s ready to see Grimes or men’s gymnastics?

30. Slam Dunk Music Festival

Quirky Wellies

32. The Olympics

33. Field Day Music Festival

Ethnic Vest with Short Shorts

35. The Hop Farm Music Festival

Do these two things come as a set?

36. The Olympics

Black Leather Fringe

38. Field Day Music Festival

39. The Olympics

White Shirt, Black Bra

41. The Olympics

“We gotta pound these fast; synchronized swimming starts in ten minutes.”

42. Lollapalooza

Dapper AltBros

44. Lollapalooza

These guys only showed up in the hopes of being photographed for GQ’s street style round-up.

Black Short-Shorts with the Pockets Hanging Out

47. The Olympics

48. LoveBox Music Festival

The Pork Pie Hat

50. Pitchfork Music Festival

51. The Olympics

Leopard Print

53. Slam Dunk Music Festival

54. The Olympics

Dudes in Full-On Patriotic American Regalia

57. The Olympics


59. Lounge on the Farm Festival

60. The Olympics

Tattered Skulls

62. The Olympics

63. Pitchfork Music Festival

Union Jack Unitard

65. Field Day Music Festival

Union Jackitard?

66. The Olympics

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