Male Model Or Dude In An Indie Band?

The lines are blurring. But if you like staring at hot scruffy hipster guys, you probably don’t care what these guys do. See if you can figure out which of these guys are models and which are in indie bands (scroll all the way down for the answer key).

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The Answers Are…

1. Male models at John Bartlett SS 2013.
2. Male model backstage at a fashion show in Vienna.
3. Dudes in a band called The Holidays.
4. Male models backstage at John Bartlett.
5. Male models wearing Jeremy Scott.
6. Member of the band Ice Age.
7. Male model from the Erickson Beamon SS 2013 show.
8. Dudes in a band called Official Secret Act.
9. Male models at the Todd Snyder show.
10. Dudes from a band called Tough Alliance.
11. Dudes from a band called Swim Deep.
12. Models backstage at Marc Jacobs SS 2013.
13. Dudes from a band called Disclosure.
14. Indie dude James Blake.
15. Male model from John Bartlett SS 2013.
16. Dudes from a band called the Virgins.
17. Dudes from a band called The Horrors.
18. Male model backstage at New York Fashion Week 2013.
19. Male model from J. Crew SS 2013.
20. The beardy dude from Passion Pit.
21. Male model from the Asher Levine SS 2013 show.
22. José Gonzales, indie Swedish songwriter.
23. Dudes from a band called Hurts.
24. Male models from the J. Crew SS 2013 show.
25. Male model backstage at John Bartlett.

ID: 586422

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