21 Instagram Food Photos That Look Unintentionally Like Halloween

That Lo-Fi filter turns everything into a goddamned bloody mess.

1. Yum! Hearty kidney stones.

ID: 1761868

2. Bloody drizzle is the new hollandaise.

ID: 1761874

3. So are those flesh-eating worms or just the regular kind?

ID: 1761890

4. This bowl of spaghetti is even scarier than a bowl of worms.

Because it’s made with ZERO CARB noodles.

ID: 1823599

5. Blood is obviously more delicious when dried down to a shiny patina.

Gives it that slight scabby crunch that is to die for.

ID: 1761896

6. This crispy hair is taken from an unknown body part.

Can you guess which one??

ID: 1761898

7. Blood clots, get in my belly now!

ID: 1762059

10. What happens when you mix puke AND poop and put it on a tortilla.

ID: 1823920

11. The Vagina Dentata is REAL, you guys.

ID: 1819207

12. Maggots for lunch! Maggots for dinner!

ID: 1819213

13. Instagram…where grilled salmon goes to DIE.

ID: 1819224

14. Fried fish or dead skin under a microscope?

ID: 1819402

15. A mound of poop or a mound of poop?

ID: 1819801

16. There’s a tongue in my tart.

ID: 1823503

17. These organs were locally harvested.

(It’s Korean rice cake.)

ID: 1823584

18. For the health-conscious: eyeball salad, with pan-roasted earlobes for extra protein.

ID: 1823614

19. For dessert…a bloody brains parfait…

ID: 1823580

20. Non-healing wound petít cakes…

ID: 1824893

21. And the tastiest set of human intestines you’ll ever put in your mouth.

(This is a funnel cake, and it looks awesome, if you can get the image of human entrails out of your mind.)

ID: 1823662

Happy Gruesome Halloween!

Hope I didn’t make your eyes bleed.

ID: 1819647

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