26 Tailgating Necessities That Will Make Football Season Amazing

Everyone will want to be your friend. Until you throw up on them.

1. Giant Mimosa Glass

Get an XXL wine glass here for $12.

ID: 1625550

2. Dual Tank Drink Dispenser Backpack

With dual canisters and a cup holster, you will be a parking lot hero. $39, available here.

ID: 1625559

3. Disposable Flasks

Get a set of 3 for $15 from Restoration Hardware.

ID: 1625920

4. DIY Disposable Flasks

For the dedicatedly resourceful, a recloseable juice pouch can be transformed into a disposable flask with the right size funnel.

ID: 1629825

5. Glow Stick Party Cups for Night Games

Who thinks of this stuff?? Geniuses, that’s who. Get 48 of these for $32.99.

ID: 1625924

6. Tailgate Plates

So now you can be classy with your wine and cheese AND support the team of your choice.

ID: 1625940

7. Or go for the Go Plate.

It’s patent-pending, because it’s the best invention ever.

ID: 1635568

8. The Thermal Coozie Glove

The perfect extreme accessory if you are about to climb the Mount Kilimanjaro of Wasted. Get it here for $22.

ID: 1625954

9. Shot Board

$79 for this hand-crafted walnut board with 4 shot glasses attached. Adds a rustic touch to any tailgate setup.

ID: 1625969

10. Your Very Own Team Beer Keg

$45 from Things You Never Knew.

ID: 1626006

11. Vibe It: Portable Sound System Turns Anything Into a Speaker

LIKE THE BACK OF YOUR TRUCK. Or your cubicle. Whatever. Get it here for $23. This product is Pinterest-approved.

ID: 1626019

12. Magnetic Beer Cozies for Your Car

For hands-free parking lot imbibing. 4-pack for 19.99.

ID: 1625864

13. The Tailgator: A Gas-Powered Blender

For margaritas all day long. Get it for $300 here.

ID: 1626039

14. The Wine Sippy Cup in XL

For those of you who tend to spill your wine after you get a little sloshed. Or if you are basically an adult baby. Get it here for $16.99, and be sure to spring for the XL version.

ID: 1626728

15. iPhone Case with Beer Opener

$18.99 from here.

ID: 1626755

16. Beer Opener Ring

The most important piece of jewelry that you’ll ever own, besides your wedding ring (maybe). Get this stainless steel ring for $6.

ID: 1627722

17. The Wine Necklace

Another important piece of jewelry. 2 for $24.95.

ID: 1627036

18. Beer Holster Belt

Only $6.25 and 4 1/2 stars on Amazon! Now that’s what I call value.

ID: 1627060

The Beerd

The only reason to grow a beard, IMO.

ID: 1627070

19. The Fold-Out Party Cart

Get it here.

ID: 1627085

20. A Truck TV Mount

It’s for tailgating and not much else! $94 by Hitch n View.

ID: 1627175

21. Vodka Lemonade “Adult Capri Suns”

Feel like a kid again (aka happy and without an adult care in the world). Get the directions here.

ID: 1627214

22. The Most Portable Grill Ever

Take MAXIMUM FUN with you anywhere you go! Available for $128 from Amazon.

ID: 1627218

23. The Wine Rack

Get it for $26 from Amazon.

ID: 1627536

24. The Cooler Scooter

It’s like the Segway of coolers, but still. HOW ELSE are you supposed to get to the other side of the parking lot? Get it here.

ID: 1627716

25. Special Beverage Pouch Hoodie

Let everyone know your true purpose in life. Get it here for $31.99.

ID: 1627732

26. Bev Buckle

IT’S FASHION. $49.99 from The Beer Buckle.

ID: 1629836

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