40 Children’s Toys That Give The Gift Of Learning

Because they don’t need another video game.

1. Sophie The Giraffe, $22.99

This classic teething toy is also terrific for stimulating a baby’s senses during playtime. Find it here. 3 months+

ID: 2041883

2. Tiny Love Gymini Lights & Music Super Deluxe, $53.99

Activity gyms are outstanding for developing a baby’s sensory and motor skills. Find this one here. Ages 0-12 months.

ID: 2042602

3. Stack ‘n Learn Alphabet Blocks, $36.33

Toddlers develop coordination while learning colors, shapes, and letters of the alphabet. Find it here. 12 months+

ID: 2041851

4. Learn To Dress Monkey, $27.64

This cute monkey teaches kids how to zip, snap, and button their clothes. Find it here. 18 months+

ID: 2042461

5. Wood Barnyard Block Set, $28

These homemade toys are perfect for tiny hands, and help develop fine motor skills. Find them here. 18 months+

ID: 2042591

6. Eggspressions Learning Emotions Play Set, $22.49

This book and play set is egg-ceptional at teaching toddlers about feelings. Find it here. 2+

ID: 2042710

7. ABC Carrybag, $34.95

Learning the alphabet has never been so easy as with this travel bag, which is packed with soft sculptures representing each letter. Find it here. 2+

ID: 2042491

8. Hungry Pelican Learning Toy, $24.99

Feeding this cute pelican helps to develop a baby’s physical, cognitive, and social skills. Find it here. 9 months+

ID: 2042629

9. ABC Cookies, $17

It’s four games in one, and who can resist those adorable alphabet letter cookies? Get it here.

ID: 2038318

10. Hear Myself Rhyming Sound Phone Center, $15

Helps kids learn rhyming skills as they talk into the phone receiver and hear back every sound they make. Great preparation for reading and writing. Get it here. 3+

ID: 2039722

11. Wee You-Things Blocks, $65

“Solve three different puzzles, or stack the mix-and-match blocks to build a whole new crew of quirky, colorful friends.” Beautifully designed and made from replenishable basswood — this is definitely an “artisanal” toy.

ID: 2038350

12. Pop! Pop! Piano, $24

How adorable is this toy piano? When you press a key, a star pops up. Develops cognitive learning, sensory development, emotional development. For ages 12 months +.

ID: 2038441

13. Doc McStuffins Write & Learn Doctor Bag, $20

The real voice of Doc McStuffin leads toddlers in learning their ABCs, how to write, and a whole lot more. Get it here. For ages 3-6.

ID: 2040480

14. Nathalie Lête’s Giant Domino Set, 16€

This absolutely beautiful set will teach toddlers about matching. Get it here. 2+

ID: 2039501

15. Fingerprinting Art Set, $11

Kids can get creative while playing with their hands. Get it here.

ID: 2039766

16. LeapPad2, from $79.99

These award-winning tablets for kids teach a wide variety of subjects with fun educator-approved apps, games, and eBooks. Parents can even track their child’s development with the Learning Path app. Get it here. For ages 3-9.

ID: 2040324

17. World Landmarks Sand Building Toys, $2.89 each

Turn a day at the beach into a fun lesson in geography and history. Find them here. 18 months+

ID: 2040107

18. Muji Funny Face Stamp Set, $20

Guaranteed to help your kid make the most bizarre art possible. Get it here.

ID: 2039521

19. Storytelling Flashlight, $18

“This little LED flashlight projects 24 adorable and dynamic images onto whatever canvas you choose: a sheet, a wall or just a simple piece of paper.” For the child with an active imagination. Ages 4+. Get it here.

ID: 2039553

20. Giant Live Butterfly Habitat, $28.97

Little nature lovers get to watch the amazing process of caterpillars transforming into butterflies right before their eyes. Find it here. 4+

ID: 2040728

21. Memory Match 16, $32

This cool matching game will help with pattern recognition along with letters and numbers. Get it here. Ages 3+

ID: 2039600

22. Alphabet Snake Puzzle, $28

Get it here. Ages 3+

ID: 2039605

23. Musical Drum Set, $60

These drums really work, and actually sound pretty nice so no one will be driven helplessly insane. Get it here. Ages 3+

ID: 2039674

24. Gem Crayons, $5

So pretty, they’re practically decor for your home. Kids will love the chunky feel and the pretty shades of these crayons. Get them here.

ID: 2039684

25. Hoberman Sphere, $34


It magically expands and contracts, like a super advanced version of our childhood Koosh balls. Get it here. 3+

ID: 2039708

26. The Perplexus Maze Puzzle Game, $18

This will remind you of the marble games you played as a kid, and you might just end up loving it, too. Get it here.

ID: 2038405

27. Squishy Human Body, $23.22

Kids learn about the human body from the inside and literally see how it all works. Find it here. For ages 8-16.

ID: 2040861

28. Passport To Culture, $27.95

This fun game takes kids around the world as they learn about geography, culture, and different languages. Find it here. 10+

ID: 2041448

29. Golf/Pool Indoor Game, $80

Here’s a portable and more inexpensive way to bring the games of pool and golf into your home. Recommended for 6 and up. Available from Hearthsong.

ID: 2039087

30. Great Minds Puzzles, Set of 5, $20

Gorgeously designed, this is a great logic puzzle game for the 7+ set.

ID: 2038387

31. Edible Chemistry Kit, $16

For the budding chemist or gastronomist. Get it here. Ages 9+.

ID: 2039090

32. LEGO Architecture – The White House, $45

LEGO loving kids learn about history and design when building this exact replica of the White House. Other landmarks available in the series include The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Sydney Opera House, and Big Ben. Get it here. 12+

ID: 2040384

33. Rubik’s The Void Puzzle, $13.99

This next level Rubik’s cube helps to develop higher level thinking skills. Find it here. 8+

ID: 2041651

34. Friends 4 Ever Bracelet Kit, $22.95

If your kids are sick of the Rainbow Loom already, this alternative kit will help them explore their creativity and design talents. Find it here. 8+

ID: 2041382

35. Archaeology Pyramid Dig, $21.37

Kids learn about archaeology while excavating a secret mummy’s tomb! Find it here. 8+

ID: 2040601

36. Spot It! Party Game, $11

It’s a high-speed, frenzied game of visual perception for the whole family. Playing this game will help to develop focus, visual perception skills, speech-language skills, and fine motor skills, while encouraging family bonding at the same time! 7+

ID: 2039736

37. Spa Science, $21.95

Kids learn the science behind the creation of fragrances by making their own! Get it here. 9+

ID: 2041001

38. Carnivorous Creations Dome Terrarium Kit, $22.95

Grows over ten types of meat eating plants. That’s right. Meat eating plants. Find it here. 7+

ID: 2041124

39. Snap Circuits Jr., $20.15

Learn about electronics by doing over a hundred experiments including making a working lightbulb and doorbell. Find it here. Ages 8-15.

ID: 2041162

40. Kid’s Pottery Wheel, $80

This pottery wheel is made safe for kids to use so they can get down to finding their inner potter. Find it here. 8+

ID: 2041766

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