A Tribute To Dad Fashion

They’re the original purveyors of effortless cool and geek chic. Whether it’s a frumpy cardigan or a dapper blazer, girls have to try way harder to pull it off. Here are 10 trends we’ve stolen from our dads and grandpas.

1. The Bowtie

ID: 357340

2. The Giant Cardigan

ID: 357341

3. The Pajama Set

ID: 357343

4. Pleated Pants

ID: 357346

5. Classic Suiting

ID: 357349

6. Suspenders

ID: 357351

7. The Dog Sweater

ID: 357649

8. The Fedora

ID: 357823

9. Nerdy Glasses

Photos courtesy of Chictopia and Nearly Vintage.

ID: 358079

10. Loafers

ID: 361912

Inspirational Dads In Their Cute Dad Outfits

They wore it best, clearly.

ID: 357787

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