38 Perfect Jewelry Gifts For The One You Love

Valentine’s Day is the ideal time to tell someone you love them. While also pointing out their idiosyncrasies, of course.

1. For the one who loves snacking:

Ritz cracker necklace, $24 from Etsy.

ID: 817900

2. For the one who might be your perfect mismatch:

$88 from Etsy.

ID: 818894

3. For the one who’s far, far away:

This long distance love necklace is $29.

ID: 814968

4. For the one who loves Johnny Cash:

$42 from Bourbon and Boots.

ID: 814962

5. For the one who’s obsessed with Neutral Milk Hotel:

$26 from Etsy.

ID: 817887

6. For the one who uses pencils instead of pens:

$45 from Hello Polly.

ID: 819126

7. For the one who hates using the erasers on said pencils:

$90 from Artware Editions.

ID: 819482

8. For the one you spent an unforgettable night with:

Moon phase necklace, $34 from Etsy. You can choose which phase of the moon according to the date you want to commemorate.

ID: 817881

9. For the one who appreciates absurd things:

“Ear”-rings, $42 from Etsy.

ID: 817890

10. For the one you really, really like but just started dating:

These earrings are only $20 and they hint at an arrow, which is inherently romantic.

ID: 817797

11. For the one who doesn’t wear dangle earrings:

$35 from Etsy.

ID: 817866

12. For the one who’s into art and stuff.

Frida Kahlo’s hands, $40 from Etsy.

ID: 817825

13. For the one who likes it simple:

Crest monogram necklace, $56 from White Truffle Studio.

ID: 817924

14. For the one who’s on another planet:

$104 from Uncovet.

ID: 818865

15. For the one who’s cagey:

$64 from Etsy.

ID: 818901

16. For the one who loves pie charts:

$30 from ShopJeen.

ID: 818934

17. For the one who’s kinda mean:

$52 from Bunnies in LA.

ID: 818980

18. For the one you’re always competing with:

Tally mark earrings, also available in necklace form. $50 from Etsy.

ID: 819458

19. For the one who believes that crystals are healing:

$25 from Etsy.

ID: 818991

20. For the one you’d trust with a knife:

Vintage Swiss army knife pendant, $65 from Etsy.

ID: 819026

(Also available in earring format, $40 from Etsy.)

ID: 819228

22. For the one who’s whimsical:

$18 from Etsy.

ID: 819145

23. For the one who deserves precious stones:

Isosceles triangle earrings, $50 from Erica Weiner.

ID: 819063

24. For the one whose initials you would carve in a tree:

$48 from Etsy.

ID: 819100

25. For the one you’re always sexting:

This necklace also comes in less vulgar variations, like “Let’s Make Out” and “TAKEN.” $50 from In God We Trust.

ID: 819111

26. For the one who’s always borrowing your lighter:

(These are insane.) $50 from Etsy.

ID: 819213

27. For the one whose nose is always in a book:

$24 from Etsy.

ID: 819342

28. For the one who cross-stitches:

$40 from BHLDN.

ID: 819597

29. For the one who’s always late:

Memento pocket watch, $125 from Memento.

ID: 817926

30. For the one who’s always air quoting:

$10 from Nasty Gal.

ID: 819174

31. For the one who’s delicate:

Get it for $115 from The Fancy.

ID: 819325

32. For the one you plan to take on a trip:

What a cute way to tell someone you’re taking them to Paris. Custom city name necklace in sterling silver, $88 from Etsy.

ID: 819184

33. For the one who needs to be more careful:

Black rhodium hospital bracelet, $185 from Shop Jeen.

ID: 819711

34. For the one who is your “perfect match”:

Matchstick earrings, $28 from Supermarket.

ID: 819664

35. For the one who’s crafty:

$64 from Etsy.

ID: 819338

36. For the one you treat like royalty:

Cleopatra necklace, $198 from BRVTVS.

ID: 819619

37. For the one who is always getting lost (but you never want to lose):

Compass necklace, $34 from Victory PDX. Etsy also has many variations.

ID: 819271

38. And for the one you just plain love:

Break all the rules and give a ring for Valentine’s Day. $48 from Etsy.

ID: 819284

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