35 DOs And DON’Ts Of Instagram, As Learned From Celebrities

Instagram should be reserved for preserving the happiest of memories, not for exhibiting your high level of social media vanity. There’s a fine line between “look at my cute charming life!” and indulgent bragging. Here are some lessons learned from those showboating celebs.

1. DON’T take photos of your food.

Not with Instagram, anyway. Remember that the nostalgic camera lens automatically turns any food into moldy, refried barf. Proof: this corn dog that Jessica Alba ate once. (Or maybe she didn’t — who knows?)

ID: 472799

Some pork that Jessica Alba ate in Shanghai.

ID: 472821

Justin Bieber’s steak.

ID: 472898

Some weird string cheese thing that Kim Kardashian likes to eat. The beginning stages of the saddest pizza ever?

ID: 473482

Ke$ha’s Disaster Soufflé.

ID: 473015

2. DON’T take a photo of yourself wearing hipster glasses.

Unless one of the tags is #poser. (via Jessica Alba’s Instagram)

ID: 472829

Emily Osment.

ID: 473875

Justin Bieber.

ID: 472921

3. DO take photos of/with random Asian people.

This automatically denotes that you’ve been to exotic places.

ID: 472834

Nicki Minaj.

ID: 473121

This dude loves dubstep (via Skrilex’s Instagram).

ID: 473198

Dane Cook, with Asian Man.

ID: 472983

Nicki Minaj <3’s Azns.

ID: 473134

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield.

ID: 473743

4. DON’T take a photo of yourself trying to be a hipster.

“We’re trying to be hipsters.” — Jessica Alba.

ID: 472870


ID: 473020

5. DON’T take a photo of your Starbucks latte.

Jessica Alba’s Starbucks cup.

ID: 472877

Taylor Swift’s latte.

ID: 473350

7. DON’T take a photo of your emo bangs.

Justin’s emo hair.

ID: 472888

8. DON’T take a photo of yourself in the mirror.

ID: 472919

Maybe Zooey’s just talking to Siri or something.

ID: 473339

9. DON’T post photos from your “Girls’ Night Out.”

(via Lauren Conrad’s Instagram)

ID: 472943

10. Unless there are lesbian undertones.

Jenna Jameson.

ID: 474536

11. DON’T take photos of your shoes.

Dane Cook’s boring-ass shoes.

ID: 472978

Ugly shoes via the Kardashians.

ID: 473496

An unflattering photo of Kim Kardashian’s feet.

ID: 473491

Justin Bieber’s dumb shoes + jorts.

ID: 473185

12. Unless these are your shoes…

Lena Dunham’s cute shoes.

ID: 473780

13. Whatever this pose is, DON’T

Dane Cook.

ID: 472988

14. Also, whatever this pose is, DON’T.

Jenna Jameson.

ID: 474500

15. DON’T take a photo with your head cut off.

Ke$ha’s bottom lip + cleavage.

ID: 473003

16. DON’T take a photo of your feet.

Ke$ha’s toenails.

ID: 473029

17. DO post anything involving glitter.

Ke$ha, covering herself with gold glitter.

ID: 473036

18. DO take a photo of a toilet.

Unless you feel like it might be a symbol for your career. Drake’s toilet.

ID: 473042

Justin Bieber’s toilet.

ID: 473043

19. DO post a photo of yourself being incredibly brave as you undergo a medical procedure.

Jessica Alba, getting her second piercing re-pierced.

ID: 473052

Tony Hawk.

ID: 473235

20. DON’T post a photo of yourself at the gym.

Ugh, Drake. What a showpony.

ID: 473069

Oprah, chugging along on that elliptical.

ID: 474576

21. DO post photos of any anomalies.

Giant ketchup bottle (via Drake).

ID: 473071

Zooey’s giant zucchini.

ID: 473338

(via Tony Hawk’s Instagram)

ID: 473212

22. DO post any photos of yourself interacting with exotic animals.


ID: 473072

David Hasselhoff with iguanas.

ID: 474498

23. DON’T post photos of only yourself.

Lady Gaga has no friends.

ID: 473092

24. It’s NOT COOL to hint at suicide.

Oprah Winfrey.

ID: 474559

Or look insanely depressed.

Lady Gaga, again with no friends.

ID: 473105

25. DON’T post photos of yourself from the backseat of a car.

We get it. You have a chauffeur.

ID: 473171


ID: 473173

26. DO post a photo with famous comedians.

It shows that you love to laugh. Drake with the Parks and Rec gang.

ID: 473066

27. DON’T post a photo of yourself making Duckface.

Kim Kardashian, pouting for no reason.

ID: 473481

Zooey, blowing the world a kiss.

ID: 476959

Christina Millian.

ID: 474032

Rihanna, blowing a kiss yet somehow making it look like a “fuck you.”

ID: 473618

28. DON’T post unnecessarily gratuitous photos.

Ashley Tisdale. Probably an outtake from an FHM shoot or something.

ID: 474627

Lady Gaga wearing a nude thong.

ID: 473151

29. DON’T post a photo of yourself, laughing alone.

There’s not even a salad??? (via Adam Levine’s Instagram)

ID: 473576

30. DO post a photo of yourself with a “Friday Night Lights” cast member.

Automatically endearing. (Taylor Swift with Zach Gilford.) <3 <3 <3

ID: 473608

31. DO post artsy photos of yourself.

How else are people supposed to know that you’re interesting??? Rihanna, being interesting.

ID: 473671

The Biebs, being all poetic.

ID: 473181

32. DON’T post gratuitous PDA photos.

(via Kelly Osbourne’s Instagram)

ID: 473702

Justin and Selena.

ID: 473716

33. DON’T post a photo of your creepy eyelashes.

They give everyone nightmares. (Can you tell who this is? I don’t want to have to type it again.)

ID: 473803

34. DO take photos with children, even if they aren’t your own.

Emmy Rossum with someone else’s kid.

ID: 474048

RiRi, with someone else’s kid.

ID: 474760

Justin and Selena, with a bevy of lil’ randos.

ID: 474765

35. DON’T post a photo of yourself looking at your own ass.

Possibly the vainest thing you could do. (via Rihanna’s Instagram)

ID: 473617

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