33 Unexpected Gift Ideas Under $50

The slightly idiosyncratic friends are always the hardest ones to shop for.

1. Henry VIII Ladies’ Underpants, £16

For your friend who loves “barely there” panties. From Five Go Mad.

2. Hedgehog Measuring Cups, $36

For your friend who loves cooking and animals, but not cooking animals. From Anthropologie.

3. Jesse Pinkman T-Shirt, $14

For your friend who has a borderline-stalker crush on Aaron Paul. From Etsy.

4. Squishable Corgi, $42

For your friend who needs a friend. From

5. Cheesy Puffs Wallet, $15

For your friend who desperately needs a wallet, yet refuses to carry one. From

6. Kitty Socks, £8

For your friend who is secretly a tween. From Lazy Oaf.

7. The Bad Girl Pillowcase Set, $30

For your friend whose favorite book is Lolita. From Stay Home Club.

8. David Liebe Hart Watch, $20

For your die-hard Tim and Eric fanboy. From David Liebe Hart’s website.

9. Air Plant Garden on Porcelain Doll Head, $45

For your friend who collects creepy things in jars. From Etsy.

10. Fast Food Stockings, $14

For your friend who has too many pairs of tights, but none that happen to have French fries and burgers on them. From Etsy.

11. Wacky Disney Socks, $9.59

For your friend who enjoys using clothes as a conversation piece. From eBay.

12. Super Mario Cloud Sweater

For your friend who is into “8-bit culture.” $49.99 from eBay.

13. Pizza Nail Decals, $20

For your friend who, weirdly, loves pizza. From Rad Nails.

14. Puppy Transfer Nail Decals, $4.80

For your friend who, weirdly, loves puppies. From Etsy.

15. Runny Nose Soap Dispenser, $8

For your friend who loves being reminded of his sinus issues. From

16. Creepy Hand Earrings, $8.50

For your friend who still watches bootleg episodes of Doug. From Etsy.

17. “The Sriracha Cookbook,” $11

For your many friends who always put too much Sriracha sauce on everything. From Amazon.

18. Bearded Naked Man Holding a Bloody Axe Embroidery, $13

For your friend who specializes in perverse crafts. From Etsy.

19. Finger Coat Hook, $20

For your friend who takes all of her style decor inspo from Pee-Wee’s Playhouse. From Etsy.

20. Sunbeam Doughnut Maker, $25

For your friend who you might describe as Homer IRL. From Amazon.

21. Japanese Candy Nails, $11

For your friend who has abnormally fat nails. From Etsy.

22. The Burger Coaster Set, $7

For your friend who needs some burger coasters to cover up those PBR rings on the coffee table. From Modcloth.

23. “Crafting with Cat Hair” Book, $10

For your friend who is always covered in cat hair. From

24. Salts Made From Tears, £30.00

For your emo foodie friend. From Monster Supples.

25. Cheese Honey, $12

For your foodie friend who doesn’t seem to think anything is gross. From Savannah Bee Company.

26. Furby Crown, $45

For your friend who you might be dying to crown Queen of Tumblr. From Etsy.

27. Pizza Garland, $10

For your friend who still lives with three dudes. From Etsy.

28. Kitten Mini Skirt, $48

For your friend who still wears miniskirts in the winter. From Etsy.

29. “Clueless” Candle, $12

For your friend who has a Cher shrine. From Etsy.

30. Ramen Noodle Necklace, $16

For your friend who eats a lot of ramen, or maybe just has ramen noodle hair. From Etsy.

31. A Beanie that Just Says “Beyonce” on it, $14

For yor friend who would willingly emblazon BEYONCE across their forehead in Arial font. From Etsy.

32. Ballsack Tote Bag, $18

For the knitter in your life. From CafePress.

33. Strange Origami Faces, $9

For your friend who enjoys grainy photos of Asian people. From Unica Home.

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