31 Random Things Instagram Reveals About London Fashion Week

London’s runways are less boring than New York Fashion Week, so it’s only natural to expect a little more pizzazz from them. Just check the #lfw tag for more snaps from this crazy spectacle.

1. People hid from Fashion Week in giant designer shopping bags.

ID: 591396

2. Latex non-humans took up valuable front-row real estate.

From the Jeffrey Michael show.

ID: 591433

Oh wait, she’s real.

ID: 593414

3. People expressed their self-awareness on their t-shirts.

ID: 591438

I feel you, girl!

ID: 591440

4. Someone wore normal-person shoes on the runway.

These Reeboks are totally weird in their utter normalness.

ID: 591459

5. D’arcy from the Smashing Pumpkins showed up.

Just kidding, she’s just a very uncanny doppleganger.

ID: 591786

6. A French bulldog was forced to man the phones at a PR office.

ID: 591788

7. Some poor woman was subjected to a “triangle perm.”

ID: 591802

8. People got hurt.

And lived to laugh about it. (She got hit by a taxi.)

ID: 591814

9. It was also London Ferret Week.

ID: 591816

10. Unlikely friendships blossomed in the front row.

Dita Von Teese and Harry from One Direction at Burberry.

ID: 591823

11. Some handbag designer thought it’d be amusing to use plastic gnomes instead of models.

ID: 591917

They did eye the cake, though.

ID: 591960

12. Toddlers showed up in leather jackets.

Future NME cover right here.

ID: 591921

13. Fashion Week attendees really got into the Halloween spirit.

It’s still six weeks away!

ID: 592485

These two people forget to call each other before showing up in the same sweater.

ID: 591953

Oh hey, it’s Alexa Chung!

ID: 591955

14. Olivia Palermo wore a baggy shirt.

What’s next for her?? TLC overalls? A boiler suit?

ID: 592005

15. Tiny food was served.

ID: 592026

Unclear how much of it was actually consumed.

ID: 592041

16. Cara Delevingne made more derpy faces.

ID: 592084

17. Fashion Week attendees tried to stuff as many ’90s trends into a single outfit as possible.

Statement piercings! Looks like somebody was inspired by the Grimes Dazed and Confused cover.

ID: 592086

Gwen Stefani buns, choker.

ID: 592090

Gwen Stefani buns, sequined yin yang jacket, Hello Kitty, AND a peace sign necklace. She wins.

ID: 592093

18. Okay, the double buns were seriously a “thing.”

ID: 593421

19. Some guy successfully stuffed every animal trend into a single outfit.

ID: 592522

20. Most people just kept it at one animal trend.

ID: 593455

21. People did turmeric facials to prepare for the camera.

Get the look! “For you to get the same skin as me, what you need to do is get a halfplate drop 1sp of Tumeric, 1Sp of Rain Forest Natural Honey also 2sp of water, mix it all up and apply it on your face with a spatular, leave it on for 20-30 Min and see for yourself how your skins feels and looks good.”

ID: 592087

22. Vivienne Westwood wore pantyhose over her shorts.

Because if anyone can pull this off, it’s her.

ID: 592110

23. British people have a sweet tooth.

ID: 592123

Seriously, every British person I’ve ever met is addicted to candy.

ID: 593427

24. A runway show spawns the best DIY hair idea ever.

Glittery ponytail from Marcus Lupfer.

ID: 592468

25. White and red is an avant color combo.

ID: 592491

26. New trend: photographers wearing camo.

ID: 592525

27. A conceptual eyeliner DO.

ID: 592582

28. A conceptual eyeliner DON’T.

ID: 592581

29. Sequined eyeballs.

Quirky veils — could this catch on?

ID: 592537

30. Alas, the secret to faking a Skrillex haircut!

ID: 593417

31. Anna Wintour looking detached.

Also: fabulous.

ID: 593458

She wore sunglasses the whole time, even in the front row, as she tends to do.

ID: 593460

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