24 Statement Hairstyles For Your New Year’s Eve Party

It’s the perfect excuse to put bows and sparkly things in your hair.

1. Braided Top Bun

Get the full tutorial here.

ID: 742790

2. Mini-Bouffant with Tiny Braids

Get the tutorial here.

ID: 742796

3. Hot Crossed Bun (for Short Hair)

Get the full tutorial here.

ID: 742804

4. The Giant Hair Bow

ID: 742843

5. The Princess Hair Bow

ID: 749550

6. Brigitte Bardot Hair

ID: 742847

7. Messy Side Updo

ID: 743014

8. The Fishtail Bun

ID: 743064

9. 1940s Hair

ID: 743070

10. Short Hair Chignon with Headband

Get the full tutorial here.

ID: 743099

11. The Big Braided Bun

ID: 743117

12. Artful Bobby Pin Placement

ID: 743198

13. DIY Rodarte Star Hairpins

Learn how to make this festive hair accessory here.

ID: 743233

14. An Easy Upsweep

ID: 743476

15. Glamorous Pressed Waves

ID: 749599

16. Sleek Ponytail with Simple Gold Accessory

You can find a similar hair cone here.

ID: 749898

17. The Braided Maiden Look

ID: 749611

18. Cinnamon Buns

ID: 749769

19. Twisted Princess Hairstyle

ID: 749811

20. Simple Braid + Statement Hair Clip

You can get the hair clip from ShopBop.

ID: 749934

21. Messy Bun That Doesn’t Require Bobby Pins

Watch the video to learn the trick.

ID: 749949

22. Fancy Bobby Pins for Short Hair

These twig bobby pins are available for $20 from Etsy.

ID: 750001

23. An Easy Romantic Chignon

ID: 750110

24. And if you want to go all out…

Wear a Christmas tree on top of your head. It’s the most festive thing you could posisbly do.

ID: 750119

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