17 Steamy Animal Makeout Scenes

Getting to first base is a total coup for these frisky animals. The following gifs are rated Not Safe For Underage Animals.

1. The First Initiation

Usually very awkward, even for the most debonair of cats.

2. The Mouth-Teasing Pre-Makeout Move

3. The Frantic “OMG I Need U Now” Makeout Sesh

4. The Slobbery “You Got Saliva In My Nose” Makeout Sesh

5. The “Let’s Make Our Exes Jealous” Makeout Sesh

6. Traditional Old-Fashioned “Necking”

7. The “Shut Up And Kiss Me” Makeout Sesh

8. The “Kiss Me And I’ll Kiss You Back” Makeout Sesh

9. The “Synchronized Licking” Makeout Sesh

10. The “French Kissing For Amateurs” Makeout Sesh

11. The “Baby, I’m Gonna Pin U Down And Do Sexy Stuff To U” Makeout Sesh

12. The Full Body Throwdown

I think this is how I saw them do it on TV.

13. The Third Wheel Makeout Sesh

14. The “Eat Yo Face” Makeout

15. The “Eat Yo Face” Makeout II

16. The “This Is So Hot I’m Literally Hyperventilating” Makeout Sesh

17. The “Kissing You To Sleep” Slow Jam Makeout Sesh

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