13 Horrifying Photos From North Korea

There’s a reason why any foreigner who dares to visit North Korea is arrested if attempting to wander outside of a guided tour arranged by the government. They might catch a glimpse of the hunger crisis going on. For more on the subject, I recommend reading “Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea” by Barbara Demick and watching the documentary “Seoul Train”. posted on


“A starving North Korean refugee managed to escape from Hyesan to Changbai, but died two days after this picture was taken (in 2000).”


“This North Korean man escaped to Vietnam but was arrested and handed over to Chinese authorities. He so feared being sent back to North Korea that he swallowed spoons trying to kill himself. Here, he shows the incision made to remove the spoons. He managed to avoid repatriation and reached South Korea by a small boat.”


“Due to severe famines, human flesh is reportedly being sold on the black market in North Korea.”

A 54-year-old North Korean refugee named Lee said:
“My two grandsons, ages 11 and 8, were sacrificed for the survival of other North Koreans, On the day I discovered that my grandsons were missing, I visited other houses searching, but I could not find them. I asked my grandsons’ friends where they were. They said that my grandsons disappeared near the black market.”


Malnourished children scavenge for acorns, seaweed, and grass.


South Korean boy looks at photos of starving North Korean children.


Two children weep atop their dead mother.


A North Korean child draws a picture of a starving man cooking a human body.

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