11 Cool Ways To Wear Shiny Clothes On New Year’s Eve

Metallics, sequins, and glitter — they’re fun and all, but you run the risk of looking chintzy and cheap. Here are some new ideas for glitzing up, from casual and tomboy-ish to all-out “glam.”

1. Easy but Cool:

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With slouchy pants and matte gold accessories, this is the outfit you wear if you’re not really doing anything on New Year’s Eve but going out to dinner.

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2. Effortless but Glitzy:

Casual Metallics

J.Crew slim fit tee, $59 / harem pants, $101 / metallic barrel bag, $73 / Envelope clutch, $38 / Etsy Sterling silver geometric ring, $59 / Freestyle arrow necklace, $18

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Here’s a similar idea but in silver instead. The importance of staying comfy is not something to underestimate! You can wear a slouchy shirt and slouchy pants and still look like you tried just enough.

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3. Keeping it Disheveled:

A Hint of Grunge

eighteenth black cutout dress, $140 / STYLESTALKER heavy metal biker jacket, $62 / black cutout boots, $150 / silver lace up booties, $68 / silver druzy necklace, $42 / Urban Decay heavy eyeliner, $18

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Even if you can’t bother with an updo or heels, you’ll still get noticed in that shiny metallic motorcycle jacket.

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4. Shiny Dress, Bold Accessories:

Modern Architectural

Religion sequined dress, $220 / Senso stacked heel, $176 / buckled up bag, $78/ Etsy geometric bangle, $30 / ponytail holder, $15

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Keeping it simple, clean and geometric guarantees that you won’t come anywhere close to crossing the “tacky party girl” line.

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5. Stay Tough:

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It’s hard to look ethereal, celestial and tomboyish, but this look accomplishes that nicely.

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6. For Dancing All Night:

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For the more retro-inclined: metallics catapult thrift-store pieces into the future.

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7. The Dinner Party Outfit:

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A blazer can temper a sequined dress to downplay the whole “LOOK AT ME!!” aspect of wearing something so flashy.

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8. Not-Your-Typical Party Dress:

Pretty in Pink

Zero + Maria Cornejo double breasted coat, $1536 / Mink pink pink velvet dress, $83 / Vanessa mooney Bella Moon bracelet, $32 / Leather high heels, $248 / Etsy triangle earrings, $20 / navy triangle cuff, $70 / Etsy twig bobby pins / OPI nail polish, $13

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Instead of crazy sparkles, wear a really intense, bright color. Keep the accessories small and feminine.

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9. Stunning Color Combo #1:

Black and Gold

Romwe Sleeveless dress, $186 / Pixie MarketGold sequin dress, $65 / Alice + Olivia stripe shirt, $215 / Chicnova Knit sweater, $75 / Markus Lupfer sequin shirt, $205 / Mercury Sequin Pant, $43.50 / Madewell glitter shoes, $159 / Etsy Tote bag, $98 / KTZ Sequin Gloves, $277 / Sakura Gold Halo, $200

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10. Stunning Color Combo #2:

Silver and Gray

ASOS short sleeve dress, $43 / Madewell party dress, $139 / Zero + Maria Cornejo gray coat, $1536 / Hussein Chalayan holographic pants, $875 / Shakuhachi shine shoes, $296 / Kelsi Dagger Boots / Picnic Clutch, $165 / Bjorg Ring, $280 / Cheap Monday Sweater, $120

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11. And if you’re looking to go ALL OUT…

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You can totally wear all of these pieces at once and not look ridiculous.

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