“Sad Batman” Is Now An Internet Meme

It’s the meme that Gotham deserves.

1. Yesterday, director Zack Snyder tweeted this image of Ben Affleck as Batman:

3. People noticed how dejected he looked.

5. Even sadder than sad Keanu.

7. Was it because of costume?

9. Maybe he has a problem with the new logo.

11. Or the fake abs on his suit.

12. Is he sad that batveins are the new batnipples?

13. Maybe it has something to do with his car…

14. Maybe it’s because he never got to go to Disney World.

Coz his parents are dead.

15. Or how he was alone on graduation.

Coz his parents are dead.

16. Maybe he saw Up! and couldn’t take the feels.

17. He just needs a Bat-hug.

18. Maybe he’s just having a tough day.

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