13 Signs You’re Addicted To Instagram


1. The first photo you take is never the best

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2. If you dont have a pic of it, you did not eat it. Particularly, desserts.

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3. You are suddenly drawn to spheres, spirals and patterns

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4. Now you want a pet…

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5. Kelvin is no longer just a temperature scale

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6. You cannot drink your coffee without snapping a photo

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7. Innocuous things become your subjects

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8. You suddenly love going to the fair

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9. #selfies

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common variations include the black-and-white selfie, and the mirror selfie shot

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10. You stop to take photos of roadsigns

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11. You apply multiple filters to get the best result

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12. Hashtags! Hashtags everywhere!

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13. You habitually take pictures of your shoes. For females, nails.

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