13 Signs You’re Addicted To Instagram


1. The first photo you take is never the best

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2. If you dont have a pic of it, you did not eat it. Particularly, desserts.

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3. You are suddenly drawn to spheres, spirals and patterns

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4. Now you want a pet…

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5. Kelvin is no longer just a temperature scale

6. You cannot drink your coffee without snapping a photo

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7. Innocuous things become your subjects

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8. You suddenly love going to the fair

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9. #selfies

via graphicsmetropolis

common variations include the black-and-white selfie, and the mirror selfie shot

10. You stop to take photos of roadsigns

11. You apply multiple filters to get the best result

via graphicsmetropolis

12. Hashtags! Hashtags everywhere!


13. You habitually take pictures of your shoes. For females, nails.

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Thanks to Graphics Metropolis for allowing me to use his photos. Follow him on Instagram.

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