• 1. Block Dude

    1. Block Dude

    The most basic time waster, Block Dude was easy enough to get into, but challenging enough to make you want to play until the bell rang.

  • 2. Drug Wars

    2. Drug Wars

    The most heinous game of all time, Drug Wars was originally developed for MS-DOS in 1984, but ported to many devices, including TIs. Back in my day, if you were caught playing this in class, you’d be looking at a two-day suspension, easy.

  • 3. Tetris

    3. Tetris

    A frustrating classic, I played Tetris until my thumb hurt during Algebra 1.

  • 4. Pegs

    4. Pegs

    Hidden in the same Puzzle Pack that houses Block Dude, Pegs is my favorite game for the TI-84. I remember hitting my friend over the head with my calculator with excitement when I finally beat it.

  • 5. Puzzle Frenzy

    5. Puzzle Frenzy

    Also part of that same pack, Puzzle Frenzy was a really great…puzzle game that had two modes: puzzle, and endless. I remember writing down passwords to get to higher levels in my notebook, so I wouldn’t lose progress.


    Everyone had this one. Type in hundreds of numbers, press clear, and watch them scroll!