The 20 Best Things In Your 90s Lunchbox

It’s an undisputed fact that bringing your lunch to school was lame. Soggy sandwiches and hot dogs in thermoses were socially scarring. But bringing lunch also gave you the privilege of having snacks from the outside world. Here are the drinks, yogurts, and candies that took you from zero to hero. posted on

20. Smuckers Uncrustables

19. “Crackers’n Cheez” Handi-Snacks

18. Warheads

17. Push Pop

16. Teddy Grahams

15. Trix Yogurt

14. Rice Krispies Treats

13. Yoo-hoo

12. Squeez-its

11. Fruit By The Foot

10. Danimals Drinkable Yogurt

9. Baby Bottle Pops

8. Hostess Mini Muffins

7. Fruit Roll Ups

5. Pop Rocks

4. Gushers

3. Lunchables Chocolate M&M Pizzas

2. Capri Sun

1. Dunkaroos

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