20 Damsels In Distress We’d Like To Have Sex With

From Ancient Greece to 8-bit consoles, storytellers have used and abused the Damsel in Distress archetype. Today, I’m looking at the ladies that deserve some post-traumatic TLC. posted on

20. Andromeda

19. Olive Oyl

18. April O’Neill

17. Princess Zelda

16. Bo Peep

15. Helen of Troy

14. Jane Porter

13. Gwen Stacy

12. Daphne Blake

11. Aerith Gainsborough

10. Princess Buttercup

9. Princess Peach

8. Sleeping Beauty

7. Rapunzel

6. Lois Lane

5. Ann Darrow

4. Bella Swan

3. Jessica Rabbit

2. Kim Bauer

1. Smurfette

Bonus Don In Distress: Slippy Toad

[Additional Reportage by Josh Fjelstad]

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