You Might Be White If…

How white are you? Checking off more than five things on this list and YOU might be the whitest person in your group of friends.

1. Loving Apple products

2. Being a HUGE fan of Arrested Development

3. Considering a future in art school

4. Making frequent trips to Barnes & Noble

5. Going biking

6. Playing children’s board games as an adult

7. Eating brunch

8. Going camping

9. Living it up for St. Patrick’s Day

10. An addiction to coffee

11. Working in a cubicle

12. Throwing dinner parties

13. Ironic tattoos

14. Making a Facebook status

15. Playing golf once a week

17. Going nuts over karaoke

18. Owning a lakehouse

19. Being a “huge” soccer fan

20. Drinking and bragging about new microbrews

21. Borrowing a friend’s Netflix account

22. New Balance shoes

23. Peacoats

24. Frisbee-involved activites

25. Pushing recycling on everyone around

26. Running a 5k

27. Snowboarding

28. Studying abroad

29. Watching the Oscars

30. Ironic parties

31. Buying vintage stuff

32. Drinking wine

33. Talking about wanting to visit Wrigley Field

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