Why You Should Love Marshall Mathers

With his eighth project being released today, Marshall Mathers, aka Eminem presents “The Marshall Mathers LP II” which gives us an insight on Slim Shady like never before. With it being three years since Eminem has released a solo album, here are the reasons why hip-hop and music lovers alike should not forget why they became fans of him in the first place. posted on

1. He’s worth $140 million

FYI that’s #9 on the all-time hip hop list as of 2012

2. He started from this

Currently up for bid for $1 on 8 Mile in Detroit

3. After being beaten into a coma that lasted a week when he was 9 years old, he came out and was stronger than ever

4. Then he became a pretty bad-ass comic book artist as a kid

5. He later grew up to be the hero of anyone with a psycho girlfriend

6. But she’s doing fine now right?

8. He’s the only one Dr. Dre has ever had a soft spot for

9. Remember this guy?

10. He loves his daughters

11. Here’s proof

12. He’s not afraid to go after anyone

13. …Even Superman

14. And a dog puppet..

15. Even people whose feathers he ruffles can’t stay mad at him

“To have the most successful musician in the world dress up like you in a video and sing about you in a song - it was honestly some of the best publicity I’ve ever had”-Moby

16. Which is probably a good idea because everyone who has crossed his path is pretty much irrelevant now

Where’d you go?

17. He’s one of the few intelligent artists to turn down Weird Al’s request to parody one of his hits

Mr. Yankovich wanted to parody Shady’s hit single “Just Lose It” by naming it “Couch Potato”.

18. He even calls out new music leaking on the Internet

19. But there’s nothing to worry about because he sells out everywhere he tours…in minutes…worldwide.

20. Including his hometown Detroit

Cough cough every time

21. He’s resurrected careers like..

Thank you from Joe Budden

22. …and this one

Thank you, so much-Royce

23. And even though he has only read one full book in its entirety

Eminem claims to only have read one book in its’ entirety: “I Make My Own Rules” authored by LL Cool J himself

24. And he doesn’t really look his age

He just turned 41 last month

25. There’s no sane person who can disagree that he is the G.O.A.T

FYI G.O.A.T. stands for the Greatest of All Time

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