What Dating A Rapper Would Be Like Today

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to date a HIP-HOP STAR?

1. You might wonder what you’re in store for nowadays if you want to DATE A RAPPER….

2. First off, you’d better be ready to lay back and CHILL

3. If that means smoking a little bit

4. Or grabbing a quick shot

5. Just play it cool, and roll with it.

6. Some of the outfits they wear might be a little strange like….

7. Or this..

8. But don’t worry they can always blend in when they need to…

9. And they’ve always got the law on their side.

10. I hope you like a man who can cook

11. With a little baggage…

12. But a whole lot more cash.

13. So if you get fed up…

14. Back it up, and just know that..

15. Everything will be ALL GOOD

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