24 Signs You’re In A Pretty Rad Relationship

You lucky dog.

1. You know it’s OK to be the first one to fall asleep.

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2. You both know that when it comes to gifts, it’s about the effort, not the price.

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3. You secretly still want to look cool in front of each other.

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4. Contacts bugging you? No worries. You’re not afraid to whip those glasses out.

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5. You crack each other up.

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6. You’re not afraid to fall asleep during their favorite movie.

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7. You know exactly how to pose for a picture together.

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8. You think they’re the cutest even when their new haircut isn’t that great.

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9. You’ve helped out when push comes to shove.

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10. You have a special way of looking at each other.

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11. You love each other’s “shower hair.”

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12. You still make sure your car is cleaned when you pick them up, because you know the little things count.

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13. You agree that snuggle time is a must…

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14. …but you both know having time with your buds is important, too.

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15. You know that what time you said you’ll be there, you had better be there.

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16. You gladly give up the good sleeping spot so they are comfortable.

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17. Even if you’re not a fan of it, you will always wear everything they get you.

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18. You remember that you need to eat healthy…

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19. …but sometimes eating healthy isn’t any fun.

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20. So you eat whatever you want. No matter what it does to your stomach. You know your S.O. won’t mind.

ID: 3509121

21. You love their morning face.

ID: 3509128

22. You will look everywhere for that one thing they can’t find before you leave.

ID: 3509077

23. You can count on them to push you when you need it.

ID: 3509081

24. And they still make you smile at the goofiest things every day.

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