21 Reasons Why You Should Be A Cincinnati Bengals Fan This Year

Who Dey? YOU DEY.

1. A.J. Green will go neck and neck with Calvin Johnson for best receiver in the league this season

3. Andrew Hawkins is so darn quick

5. Andrew Whitworth only has a few more years left in the tank

6. Andy Dalton will show the rest of the league what he’s capable of doing

7. Vontaze Burfict will look more and more like a steal from last season’s draft

9. Geno Atkins will show why he is the best defensive tackle in the league

11. Giovani Bernard will be give a BIG boost in the backfield

12. Hopefully they won’t get stuck playing the Houston Texans in the playoffs again this year

13. Marvin is looking to prove he can take the team back to the playoffs

14. Michael Johnson is pretty freakin’ scary

15. Mohamed Sanu is ready for his breakout season

16. This will be the team’s most fearsome defense yet

17. And the defensive backs will actually give us hope, for once.

18. There is still plenty of hair to go around

19. The team won the AFC North the last time they were featured in HBO’s “Hard Knocks” series

20. And they’ll win it again this year because the Ravens have been crippled with players moving teams and injuries…

21. Cleveland is still trying to figure out how to win a division..

22. And Pittsburgh is just too old to get the job done this year

23. Tyler Eifert is ready to combine with Gresham to create a tight end duo that will be a force to be reckoned with in the league

24. Anddd they decided to forgive James Harrison’s past (in black and yellow) and sign him to join the already menacing defense

25. The loyal fans are ready to go this year

26. See you in the playoffs

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