20 People You Will Meet In College This Year

College wouldn’t be the same without them.

1. Someone who doesn’t appear to care about class at all

ID: 1498816

2. Someone who will destroy your curve for an exam or course you’re taking

ID: 1498825

3. Someone who thinks they’re much smarter than they actually are

ID: 1498841

4. Someone who never rolls anywhere without their posse

ID: 1524788

5. Someone who is overly enthusiastic with school spirit

ID: 1498867

6. Someone who gets drunk before class

ID: 1524794

7. Someone you get to know well over the years

ID: 1498884

8. Someone who is proof that money doesn’t buy intelligence

ID: 1498889

9. Someone who really needs to chill out

ID: 1498898

10. Someone who will be your boss one day

ID: 1498906

11. Someone who makes everyone in the room feel awkward

ID: 1498970

12. Someone who is easy to talk to

ID: 1524775

13. Someone who thinks they are still the captain of their high school sports team

ID: 1524777

14. Someone who will do whatever it takes to get people to like them

ID: 1524784

15. Someone who has had a little too much “fun” since they’ve been to college

ID: 1524818

16. Someone who never opens a book but gets a higher GPA than you

ID: 1524819

17. Someone in your study group who is no help at all

ID: 1524828

18. Someone who gets the people going

ID: 1524861

19. Someone who makes you smile

ID: 1524866

20. Someone who can pull an all nighter

ID: 1524871

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