17 Products That Failed Miserably

BEWARE: All of these are real.

1. Peeps Lip Balm

Any flavor name that consists of more than one or two words should DEFINITELY alarm you.

ID: 1945934

3. Life Savers Soda

I mean Life Savers candy is OK. But isn’t this a reach?

ID: 1945935

5. Sylvester Stallone’s High Protein Pudding

This attempt aimed at bodybuilders lasted less time on the shelves than it takes to watch any of Stallone’s “Rocky” movies.

ID: 1945938

7. Trekking Mahlzeiten Cheeseburger in a Can

At least we don’t have to worry about this meat not being 100% artificial…wait..

ID: 1945940

9. Pizza Hut Body Spray

“Damn girl, is that Pizza Hut I smell on you?”

ID: 1945941

11. Life Savers Holes

OK, so maybe this is the second Life Savers product on this list. I mean, trying to take a page out of the doughnut industry’s book hasn’t really worked out for many people.

ID: 1945942

13. Burger King Body Spray

Burger King’s food is good. But what better way to advertise to the world, “Hey I eat A LOT of Burger King by myself.”

ID: 1945943

15. Cheetos Lip Balm

Do stoners really need an easier way to get their Cheetos fix AND fix their dry lips while playing XBOX?

ID: 1945946

17. Colgate Dinner Entrees

‘Cause when you think quick microwave dinner you always think toothpaste, right?

ID: 1945947

19. Coors Rocky Mountain Sparkling Water

Some people may not be able to tell the difference between this drink and Coors Light… Oh no he didn’t.

ID: 1945949

21. Cheez-It Lip Balm

Hey can you tell me if I taste like salt and cheese?

ID: 1945950

23. Sushi Popper

I forgot that sushi lovers HATE when their sushi is freshly made right in front of their eyes.

ID: 1945952

25. Frito Lay Lemonade

I think it’s a solid bet that whoever came up with this idea originally is now working in one of the Frito-Lay warehouses.. As a janitor.

ID: 1945953

27. Celery-Flavored Jell-O

Does celery even have enough flavor on its own to be a flavor for something else?!?!?!?!

ID: 1945954

29. McDonald’s McLobster

You mean you wouldn’t pay $5.99 for some artificial lobster in a bun? This idea was GENIUS*

*not genius

ID: 1945956

31. Winter Double King Pizza

This beauty of a pizza brought to you by Japanese Pizza Hut includes the following: corn, shrimp, beef, eggs, onion, potato, broccoli and king crab. Did I mention that the whole thing is topped with mayo? Or how about that the crust is removable AND stuffed with shrimp. 平らげる!

ID: 1945958

33. White Castle Slider-Scented Candle

Does this candle also come with a candle that is scented like the consequences of eating White Castle?

ID: 1945959

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