14 Ingredients For A Great Country Song

The new and easy way to compose your own country song! Pick and choose any of these fourteen options and you’re on your way!

1. Your big green tractor

ID: 1240317

2. A home-cooked meal

ID: 1240319

3. Your reliable old hunting dog

ID: 1240320

4. That red dirt road on the way home from work

ID: 1240322

5. Your country sweetheart

ID: 1240323

6. The local bar

ID: 1240325

7. Those tattered jeans you love

ID: 1240328

8. The greatest country on Earth

ID: 1240331

9. Your hometown

ID: 1240333

10. Summer nights

ID: 1240334

11. A working man’s hands

ID: 1240336

12. A pack of cowboy killers

ID: 1240338

13. Your trusty red pickup

ID: 1240339

14. A cold American beer after a long day of work

ID: 1240340

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