Every Major Sci-Fi Starship In One Staggering Comparison Chart

DeviantArt user Dirk Loechel has put together one out-of-this-world infograph.

1. Holy space balls, right? That’s a lot of ships.

Dirk Loechel / Via dirkloechel.deviantart.com
ID: 1702885

2. Here are some close-ups of the different quadrants, see if you can find your favorites.

ID: 1707206

3. Imperium of Man, because you can’t conquer space without churches.

ID: 1707212

4. The Tau Battlesphere does not understand subtlety.

ID: 1707214

5. Meanwhile, it’s a wonder the Rebel Alliance got anything done in Star Wars.

ID: 1707217

6. Aww look at all the precious Star Trek babies.

ID: 1707220

7. Okay, Warhammer, we get it.

ID: 1707226

8. EVE Online is also doing some serious overcompensating.

ID: 1707229

9. Hello, yes, I would like one Planet Destroyer, please.

ID: 1707232

10. Titan A.E. what are you even doing? You’re ship-building drunk. Go home.

ID: 1707238

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