David Tennant’s New Ponytail Defies Both Space And Time

And apparently also combs. posted on

1. This weekend David Tennant and Catherine Tate met up at the “BFI Celebrate 50 Years of Doctor Who” event.

2. And at first it was precious. But then we noticed something strange. Is that…?

Mike Marsland / WireImage

3. Can’t be. Just a glimpse into a horrible alternate reality. Trick of the light.

Mike Marsland / WireImage

4. But oh God, no. It was real. So, so real.

Mike Marsland / WireImage

5. And so, so very in need of a deep conditioning.

Mike Marsland / WireImage

6. Some of Twitter loved it anyway.

8. Some were appalled.

I can't deal w/ this whole David Tennant ponytail situation right now. I just want to chop it off. #lessismore

I have now been aware of David Tennant's ponytail for about ten hours. The world is a darker place.

10. But none were more in shock than Catherine.

Mike Marsland / WireImage

11. David, what are you doing?

12. David, now is not the time for an ’80s grunge phase.

13. David stop.

15. Send it back to the horrible timeline from whence it came, we’re begging you.

16. Unfortunately it looks like the hair is here to stay, at least for a while.

To answer all the queries David Tennant has hair extensions for Richard II (10 Oct - 25 Jan). His hair will be loose (no ponytail) on stage.

17. At least it’s not real?

David Tennant with hair extensions for his part in Richard II and i can't help but laugh!

18. In the meantime, David, I’m just going to leave this here.

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