Watch This Incredible Animation Of A Bear Made With 3D-Printed Models

Animators took four weeks and used real 3D-printed models to make this bear walk up some stairs.

1. This is not a digital animation: it was filmed with stop motion animation using 50 models created with 3D printers.

ID: 2789787

2. Animators from Blue Zoo and design firm DBLG printed out 50 bears for the project.

ID: 2789788

3. Whereas traditional stop motion animators might use plasticine, like in Wallace and Gromit, here, the 3D printer creates a real-life model of the bear at different stages of its walk.

ID: 2789797

4. So, that’s how it’s done.

ID: 2789799

5. Here’s the behind-the-scenes video.

Video available at:
ID: 2789802

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Patrick Smith is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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