22 Times People Tried To Sabotage Live TV News And Won

Forget photobombing – this is newsbombing.

1. When this man drank from a flower vase on live TV.

ID: 3448108

2. This cheeky kid.

ID: 3448127

3. Beardman and Dreadlocks Guy, the ultimate newsbombing double act.

ID: 3448433

5. Professional newsbomber Paul Yarrow, who has appeared in the background of more than 100 live broadcasts.

ID: 3448161

6. This giant seagull.

ID: 3448173

7. This chap looming near Gary Lineker’s head during the Olympics.

ID: 3448498

8. These wags on US local TV.

ID: 3448194

9. When this camera dropped in to say hello on the BBC News Channel.

BBC News / youtube.com
ID: 3448742

10. This world-class comedian.

ID: 3448202

11. This excellent donkey, live on Irish TV.

ID: 3448245

12. This man walking into a wall while newsbombing ESPN.

ID: 3448988

13. This seven-year-old girl getting down on NBC Chicago.

ID: 3448452

14. This guy doing air guitar in the snow.

ID: 3448821

15. This unexplained horsehead man on a weather report in Baltimore.

ID: 3449414

16. This chap in the background looking at nudie women.

ID: 3448323

17. The Stoke City Rollup Man, who rolled and smoked a ciggie live on Sky Sports News and isn’t a fan of Peter Crouch.

ID: 3449263

18. This guy who shouldn’t be walking on to the news.

ID: 3448721

19. And this one, who thought he wouldn’t be spotted.

BBC News / youtube.com
ID: 3448752

20. This beer-chugging football fan, live on ESPN.

ESPN / Liveleak
ID: 3448447

21. This wonderful tram-based, face-slapping kid.

ID: 3449066

22. HRH Queen Elizabeth II.

ID: 3448130

Stay weird, news.

BBC News / The Sunday Politics / Via youtube.com
ID: 3448763

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Patrick Smith is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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