16 Times It Was All Kicking Off In A Town Near You

These might not be the biggest new stories ever, but they’re still important OK?

1. The time it was all kicking off in Leicestershire.

ID: 2589860

2. When this Accrington ASDA worker slapped someone with a fish.

ID: 2589929

3. When seagulls kicked off big time in Exeter.

ID: 2589878

4. When a scotch egg was stolen in Minehead.

ID: 2590109

5. That time events in Dyfed, Wales, put global events into perspective.

ID: 2589867

6. When a man in an Emu costume lost his shit in Truro, Cornwall.

It's all kicking off in Truro!!!!

— Simon Reed (@aramblingidiot)
ID: 2589881

7. When this guys’s jacket (didn’t) go missing.

OMG it's seriously kicking off in #Westmount thanks to @juliansheasport for updates on this developing story ”

— martin kelner (@martinkelner)
ID: 2590122

8. That time Whitstable in Kent turned into cake.

It's all kicking off in Whitstable x1 - @SophieDouglas1 will love this

— Jim Foster (@jimfosterfish)
ID: 2589909

9. And when a ghost groped Doris.

It's all kicking off in Whitstable x2 - poor Doris!

— Jim Foster (@jimfosterfish)
ID: 2589913

10. When a piece of cardboard caused mayhem in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.

RT @SwiffedIT: A Nightmare on Brown Street... #NotNews @almurray

— Brian Moore (@brianmoore666)
ID: 2590057

11. When this person made a surprising find in Wiltshire.

It's all kicking off in Broad Chalke.

— Guy Walters (@guywalters)
ID: 2589952

12. When someone smeared a sandwich across a car windscreen in Northamptonshire.

ID: 2589995

13. When Lord Sugar was saddened by squashed toads in Norfolk.

ID: 2590073

14. When Michael Portillo washed and blow-dried a chicken in Dorking.

It's all kicking off in Dorking...

— The Media Blog (@TheMediaTweets)
ID: 2590129

15. That time some bees got diarrhoea in Exeter.

ID: 2590157

16. When this tree in Ipswich looked like Postman Pat.

ID: 2590039

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