This Is How To Deal With Millions Of People Mistaking You For A Famous Footballer On Twitter

@RVP is not a multi-millionaire Dutch footballer but an Indian IT consultant. He gets tons of abuse on Twitter but his responses are priceless.

1. This is Robin Van Persie, the Manchester United and Netherlands striker.

Richard Heathcote / Getty Images

He tweets as @Persie_Official and has nearly five million followers.

2. This is Indian IT expert Ravi Visvesvaraya Prasad, from New Dehli, who happens to have the username @RVP.

15. He’s not alone in being the figure of misguided internet football hate. Spare a thought for @Moysey, who is not hapless Manchester United boss David Moyes but marketing manager Sarah Moyes from Polmont, Scotland.

17. Something magical happened in the history of People Everyone Mistakes As Famous Football People last night when ALL THREE OFFERED SUPPORT TO EACH OTHER.

@AVB notes that her “guy gets fired a lot”, referring to Villas-Boas’ patchy record as a manager in England. Bookmakers are currently offering odds of 6/1 that David Moyes will be the next Premier League manager to be relieved of his duties and Robin Van Persie is currently out for at least a month with another injury.

So maybe this trio can get on with their lives, without the distraction of industrial strength Twitter hate.

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