This 30-Foot "Star Wars" Tapestry Is What You Need To Complete Your Home

May the force of the 30-foot tapestry be with you.

1. Searching for a gift for the the Star Wars fan in your life? Looking for a way to spice up your sci-fi themed home? You need this 30-foot tapestry chronicling the entire Star Wars saga so far.

Aled Lewis / Via

London-based illustrator, designer and super-cool pop culture artist Aled Lewis has made this 30 feet by 13 inches cross-stitched tapestry, telling the story of Star Wars from Episode 1 to Episode 6 and featuring all the main characters.

2. It has quotes from the films around the borders, written in Aurebesh, the alphabet used in the films.

Aled Lewis / Via

3. There are seven stitches per inch and there’s a custom star fabric on the back.

Aled Lewis / Via

4. The Coruscant Tapestry is on display now at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles, if you’re in the area.

Aled Lewis / Via

5. And it can be yours for just £12,000.

A steep price perhaps, but it knocks the spots off the 11th century, 70-metre Bayeux Tapestry, which merely depicts the conquest of England by William the Conquerer and doesn’t feature any Wookies.

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