33 Things That Could Only Happen In Glasgow

“Nae eating, nae smoking, nae kidding.” NSFW for various sweary reasons.

5. There are levels of kindness here that other parts of the UK might find baffling.

6. But Glaswegians aren’t materialistic people.

7. It’s an artistic city.

8. With creative shop displays like this.

11. And they enforce strict, sensible rules.

12. There is a 24-hour Greggs in Glasgow. It has a security guard. Just in case.

18. There was this barbecue method.

21. When a chippy did £1 suppers.

25. This taxi.

26. This cake.

27. This sign.

28. This campaign to keep a traffic cone on a statue of Wellington.

Which was successful.

29. This guy sparking up as he takes his lizard for a walk.

30. Fifty Shades of Glasgow. (Be warned, this is graphic Glaswegian sexy talk).

If that floats your boat, this is a real book.

32. This horsemeat offer from Mongolian restaurant Khublai Khans.

33. This national treasure.

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