The 29 Most Yorkshire Things That Have Ever Happened

Yorkshire! Yorkshire! Yorkshire!

1. This van’s registration number.

ID: 2776111

2. This “lost pet” sign.

ID: 2776083

3. This description of Wakefield train station, on Foursquare.

ID: 2776089

4. This critique of Eccles cakes.

ID: 2776119

5. Whoever decided to give out gravy at Leeds Station.

ID: 3058739

6. And whoever thought a massive pork pie would be better than a birthday cake.

My birthday cake is a large pork pie. #OnlyInYorkshire

— Matthew Pitt (@YorkyPuds)
ID: 3058742

7. These plain crisps.

Crisps that say 'nowt on' rather than 'plain' #onlyinyorkshire

— Sophie Smith (@sphiesmith)
ID: 3058744

8. “Twerk”.

Happy Friday! #Yorkshire

— yorkshire probs (@yorkshireprobs)
ID: 3067679

9. This breaking news story in Whitby.

The #Whitby gazette has surpassed itself #Yorkshire

— Peter Diapre (@skybod)
ID: 3067680

10. This charming sign.

@EducatingYork Doing a brilliant job pal !! #onlyinyorkshire

— Liam Thompson (@L_Thompson15)
ID: 3067673

11. This newspaper small ad.



It says: “PARROT Cage – 6ft cage. Great for large parrots. Bought last year for £150 but it were too big for a small parrot. £80 ONO.”

ID: 3058817

12. This reaction to being run over by a car.

Guy gets run over, gets up n chases after the car #OnlyInDewsbury

— Amazon Girls/Lizzie (@AmazonGirls)
ID: 3067803

13. This illegally parked horse.

Tsk. Parked on double yellows. #onlyinyorkshire

— Stefan Roberts (@stefanroberts)
ID: 3067657

14. This scandal in Sheffield.

ID: 3067995

15. These sheep chilling on a roof.

You know you're nearly home when the sheep line the rooftops to welcome you #localhero #onlyinyorkshire

— Henry Perham (@Henryperham)
ID: 3067659

16. Harrogate’s straightest banana.

Missing Plane....✈ Russia.... Pistorius..... ....that ain't news...this is! #Yorkshire

— Yorkshire Slang (@YorkshireSlang)
ID: 3067682

17. This instruction to a takeaway driver in Leeds.

ID: 3067919

18. This full English breakfast served IN A YORKSHIRE PUDDING.

@hirstydose - WOW #onlyinyorkshire @Should come onYorkshireSlang @yorkshireprobs #yorkshirepud ”

— Steph Walton (@swalton86)
ID: 3067669

19. This woman taking her ferret for a walk.

ID: 3067678

20. This computer program menu written in Yorkshire.

This is what a #Yorkshire computer menu looks like (via @yorkshireprobs )

— Colin Shelbourn (@colinshelbourn)
ID: 3067687

21. This woman taking her dog for a walk in North Yorkshire.

ID: 3067739

22. Three-year-old Millen Eve, the most Yorkshire little girl ever.

“What does daddy like?”
“Oooh he likes onions.”

ID: 3067764

23. This guy.

ID: 3067808

24. The name that primary school children in Hull choose for this emu.

True story: pic from my mum 2day.Local primary school sponser an Emu and they got to name it..classic #onlyinhull

— Sarah Land (@hullbird)
ID: 3067815

Correction: The emu was actually in Tasmania, Australia, not Hull.

ID: 3077176

25. This club DJ shoutout.

"A shout out to Leah who just bought new garden furniture." - i kid you not, a DJ genuinely said this last night. #OnlyinHuddersfield

— Kate (@_theotherkate)
ID: 3067830

26. When this happened in Wakefield.

Can't believe I've just seen a girl tossing a lad off at the bar #onlyinwakefield

— Tylur (@Tylurrannmaii)
ID: 3067855

27. When a postman from Bradford dressed up as Batman to hand in a criminal.

ID: 3067946

28. These lads casually getting their McDonalds in Keighley.

ID: 3067924

29. And this meeting of minds.

Will you ever see a photo better than this? Geoff Boycott with his favourite pop star @katyperry! #TestMatchSpecial

— Adam Mountford (@tmsproducer)
ID: 3067821

Bless you Yorkshire.

ID: 3068068

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