The 29 Most Yorkshire Things That Have Ever Happened

Yorkshire! Yorkshire! Yorkshire!

1. This van’s registration number.

2. This “lost pet” sign.

3. This description of Wakefield train station, on Foursquare.

4. This critique of Eccles cakes.

11. This newspaper small ad.



It says: “PARROT Cage – 6ft cage. Great for large parrots. Bought last year for £150 but it were too big for a small parrot. £80 ONO.”

14. This scandal in Sheffield.

17. This instruction to a takeaway driver in Leeds.

19. This woman taking her ferret for a walk.

21. This woman taking her dog for a walk in North Yorkshire.

22. Three-year-old Millen Eve, the most Yorkshire little girl ever.

“What does daddy like?”
“Oooh he likes onions.”

Correction: The emu was actually in Tasmania, Australia, not Hull.

27. When a postman from Bradford dressed up as Batman to hand in a criminal.


28. These lads casually getting their McDonalds in Keighley.

Bless you Yorkshire.


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