14 Of The Most Baffling Journalist Requests Ever

“I need a confirmed picture of a unicorn and I need it before 5pm.”

Public relations professionals get a hard time from journalists.

All those press releases, all the time, plus the follow-up “Did you get my press release?” phone calls? Give us a break. But it’s not as if journalists don’t come up with the occasional unreasonable request themselves, many of them made on the #journorequest hashtag on Twitter.

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1. There’s the speculative, but very specific request.

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2. They can get very specific.

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3. Journalists can be perfectionists, you see.

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“I want gourmet haunted hotels, not just any haunted hotel!”

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4. But sometimes the more general the request, the better.

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5. Then there’s when journalists ask PR people to go that extra mile.

In this case they were disappointed.

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6. Some requests seek rare disorders and phobias - as if to say, hey, you may as well cash in on your fear of flying.

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7. ‘CAN YOU SEE DEAD PEOPLE? If so get in touch right away.’

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It’s worth saying, by the way, that many of these requests help put together weekly women’s magazines like this, which we love.

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8. You could always go for the “anyone willing to get naked?” approach. Just ask your friendly PR for help with…

p.s. What’s a bikini trend expert?

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9. Or the good old “anyone had sex with a ghost?” story.

Do I have to have known them previously? Or is that a deal breaker?

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10. Always keep it topical.

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11. Then there are people looking for evidence to prove something. It must be true right?

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12. Some requests aren’t entirely serious.

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13. If all else fails, just take the charity option.

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14. So, in conclusion, people asking for stories on Twitter is pretty annoying.

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Patrick Smith is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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