Not Everyone Is Happy About The Sun’s “This Is Our England” Front Page

The Sun is today delivering a special edition to 22 million homes. There have been some creative responses.

2. To mark the start of the World Cup tonight, the paper is full of patriotic verve and its cover features 118 English personalities. And a Teletubby. The paper says:

Launched as a glorious fanfare to the World Cup, our 24-page special edition is an unapologetic celebration of England — and what it means to be English in our culture and our history, and in our blood and our bones.

This special edition is all you need to get your heart pumping in anticipation of Brazil 2014 — and guaranteed to make you proud.

3. Here’s what’s in it.

12. It appears that Nigel Farage is balancing a pint glass on Morrissey’s head.

The Sun / News UK

15. This isn’t the first time The Sun has produced a patriotic – and, for some, baffling – front page.

The Sun / News UK

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