30 Menu Fails That Will Ruin Food Forever

“Can I get a diet cock with that, and is the cumcumber vagitarian?

1. “Yes, I’ll have some ruthlessly rimmed wings please…”

Dave Brighouse / buzzfeed.com

2. “Actually I’ll just have the viagra prawn warp.”

Angelique Neumann / buzzfeed.com

4. “… And do you do diet cock?”

Mike Sanders / buzzfeed.com

5. “Ooh, free bears! I mean beers. No, actually just send the bear.”

6. Maybe steer clear of the crap dip.

7. And the bowel rice.

8. And the crud rice.

9. But there’s something for everyone out there.

10. On second thought I think I’m not hungry any more.

12. “Sandwichis.”

13. This doesn’t sound amazing.

16. All vagitarians catered for.

17. There is in fact a worrying number of food establishments offering vag-related items.

18. A really worrying amount.

19. “Round-cut aborigine.”

21. “SCOTHCH”. In fairness you would be saying it like that after a few too many.

22. There’s nothing like a pub lunch. Like this dish of belly pork with “jew.” Or “jus.” Whatever.

24. But the “meat taps” sound lovely.

25. Meanwhile, takeaway drivers are given some very strict instructions these days.

26. Be careful if you choose to pick up the food yourself, though.

30. If all else fails, you can always take advantage of this timeless offer.

Correction: This post originally mentioned “chicken fingers,” which are an unheard of food for our highly cultured staff members over at BuzzFeed UK.

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