12 Holiday Tattoos That People May Well One Day Regret

What happens in Magaluf stays in Magaluf, unless you get a tattoo. NSFW because of pictures of unwise tattoos on people’s backsides.

1. The male arse. A classic, timeless holiday tattoo area.

ID: 3465608

2. The question is, what did this guy think once Moyes went?

ID: 3465614

3. Say what you see.

ID: 3465620

4. So wolf pack.

ID: 3465626

5. This Gordon Ramsay fan had the spelling of his arse tribute corrected by the man himself.

ID: 3465674

6. “I’ve got your name tattooed on my arse. no really.”

ID: 3465722

8. That is so Phil.

ID: 3465743

9. As long as you admit it, that’s the main thing.

ID: 3465757

11. This guy likes pie and he wants everyone to know it.

ID: 3466016

12. But if you DO regret a tat, this chap thought of an ideal way to covered up his ex-girlfriend’s name while in Magaluf.

ID: 3466010

Have a great summer, every one.

ID: 3466024

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Patrick Smith is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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