22 Brits Who Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Leave The Country

We’re all going on a summer holiday.” And we’re going to get completely wankered. Slightly NSFW.

1. Anyone wearing this badge in Magaluf, or anywhere else.

ID: 3144478

3. Or this t-shirt.

ID: 3144481

4. Anyone who goes to another country and spends €4 on Heinz beans.

ID: 3144787

5. In fact, anyone who is surprised that foreign countries have different foods.

tumblr.com / Me & You Productions

tumblr.com / Me & You Productions

ID: 3144816

tumblr.com / Me & You Productions

tumblr.com / Me & You Productions

ID: 3144823

6. The person who had a tactical chunder at Auschwitz.

My 45 year old dad has just come back from his 'lads holiday' and the first thing he tells me is that he had a tactical chunder in auschwitz

— alex goss xx (@_alexgoss)
ID: 3145232

7. People who use “tactical chunder” as a general holiday strategy.

Definitely my favourite picture from holiday, me trying to do a tactical chunder with @PollyBanfield hahahaha

— Jade Paine (@JadePaine_)
ID: 3145226

and first tactical chunder of the holiday goes to me from absolutely hanging out my arse #bitch

— Alex Waite (@alexwaitee)
ID: 3145221

Fuck pullin on holiday these lasses tactical chunder then have their filthy tongues all up in your mouth lmao

— POS£IDON (@jezeb2k)
ID: 3145224

9. The person who brought some Bucky to Spain with them.

ID: 3145284

10. These guys.


— gary hayes (@gazhayes)
ID: 3144491

11. This pair of legends.

@TimWestwood seen you in kavos wednesday loved it so much we got your quotes tatted muvvafukin kavos baby

— Brooke Lambrick (@BrookeLambrick)
ID: 3144498

12. This “wanker”.

@WankersFullKit @iainj81 lads holiday, decided to do out very own full kit wankers #wiganwankers

— Del bhoy (@Hoopsterdell)
ID: 3144515

13. Actually, anyone over the age of 12 who wears a full football kit.

Yes sir, you are a Hazard...

— Full-Kit Wankers (@WankersFullKit)
ID: 3144886

14. These Magaluf hen party revellers.

ID: 3144742

15. Anyone and everyone who forgets that southern Europe is actually quite sunny.

And gets burned.

ID: 3144778
ID: 3144864

16. These lads, who disagree with reading on holiday.

Lads holiday to Ibiza... @KAStammers is taking his kindle!? #loser #wasteman

— Andrew Woodfield (@Ipswichwoody)
ID: 3144530

18. Anyone who just has to mention the war.

ID: 3145198

19. Anyone in an asymetrical man-thong.

Lol new man thong anybody?

— Alex Akins (@AkinsAlex)
ID: 3145006

20. Whoever is responsible for this epic photobomb.

ID: 3145093

21. This party-goer.

ID: 3144726

22. And this hooligan.

ID: 3145079

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