A Definitive Ranking Of Things British People Think Are Cheeky

Why go for a pint, when you can go for a cheeky pint?

15. A walk.

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14. A drive in a car.

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13. A swim.

IPGGutenbergUKLtd / iStock

12. A haircut.

Wavebreak Media

11. Sunbeds.

Flickr: robigouk / Creative Commons

10. A run.

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9. A run, followed by Robson and Jerome.

8. Chinese food.

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7. A gym sesh.

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6. A curry.

Flickr: stevecadman / Creative Commons

5. McDs.

Flickr: photomequickbooth / Creative Commons

4. A fry-up.

Flickr: preater / Creative Commons

3. A wank.

peterspiro / iStock

2. Nandos.

Flickr: 25802865@N08 / Creative Commons

1. A pint.

Peter Finnie

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