22 Things Your Dad Can Do Better Than You

Dads come equipped with a range of useful abilities. Sadly not all of these are hereditary.

1. Putting up shelves. It looks easy.

ID: 2676772

But somehow it isn’t.

ID: 2775859

2. In fact, anything involving a drill.

Flickr: theeerin / Creative Commons

Even if he wasn’t always taking it very seriously.

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3. Fixing any kind of car-related problem.

There was a time when men would crease up with laughter at the thought of taking a car to a garage, and would instead fix whatever the problem was them themselves. Now we take cars to garages to fix the fluffy dice.

ID: 2775327

4. Skimming stones so they bounce more than twice on the water.

“It’s all in the wrist, son.”

ID: 2775441

5. Fixing bikes.

monkeybusinessimages / Thinkstock.com
ID: 2775476

6. Fixing toilets.

Flickr: osseous / Creative Commons

Where do dads learn this stuff?

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7. Inhabiting a shed / garage and filling it with “dad stuff”.

Flickr: pnoeric / Creative Commons
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8. Sleeping on the sofa.

Flickr: jenandandy / Creative Commons
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9. Shouting at the TV.

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10. Re-wiring a plug.

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11. Parking. This is you:

ID: 2775573

This is your dad.

ID: 2775603

12. Haggling in shops.

Fuse / Thinkstock

It never ceases to amaze me how often this works.

ID: 2775643

13. Telling dad jokes.

Via TheThspian13 on Reddit and Dads On Vacation.

ID: 2775663

14. Complaining in restaurants.

Minerva Studio / Thinkstock.com

“Just leave it.”
“No, we’re paying good money.”

ID: 2775720

15. Doing accounting properly, like an adult. Because your paperwork still looks like this.

Flickr: katchooo / Katchooo / Creative Commons
ID: 2775907

16. Navigating to any part of the world using a map (without using a satnav).

Noel Hendrickson / Thinkstock
ID: 2775808

17. And knowing how to fold up the map afterwards.

ID: 2776154

19. Putting up a tent AND not watching it fly away.

ID: 2776656

20. Decorating, including all wallpaper-related activity, which for some reason is harder than it looks.

ID: 2776597

21. Gardening. You think: “Oh those flowers look nice.” He thinks: “I’ll just do some pruning.”

ID: 2776769

22. Dad dancing.

ID: 2775958

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