10 Times It’s Awkward To Have Hemophilia

Here’s a short list of times in which having hemophilia is a slightly awkward experience. Enjoy, and please forgive my crude drawing skills!

1. When people ask, “Does that mean you’ll die from a papercut?”

ID: 1589021

2. When you have to infuse on the go!

ID: 1589029

3. The first time a friend sees your track marks.

ID: 1589055

4. When housekeeping discovers your syringe supply.

ID: 1589032

5. When you get one of those never-ending nosebleeds.

ID: 1589067

6. When you can’t find your actual tourniquet.

ID: 1589095

7. When your roommate forgets to knock.

ID: 1589074

8. When you’re struggling to infuse at your girlfriend’s house.

ID: 1589085

9. When you rediscover old friends.

ID: 1589090

10. When your veins decide to take a vacation!

ID: 1589065

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